Gene passport





We believe that everyone in the world has the right to create, own, manage, and use funds for genetic passports, and make genetic passports work for themselves. For this ideal, WDNA has designed a blockchain protocol that allows people to have traceable ownership of their own genetic passports, decentralized management and liquidation rights, and commercial rights for genetic passports.

Precision treatment

The genetic passport will lead us into a new era of health

Gene related query

Gene family tree, missing population, neonatal defect prevention

Food industry

The genetic passport lays the foundation for the cultivation of high-yield, high-quality and other fine traits, and is of great significance in promoting the world's agriculture and animal husbandry industries.

Academic field

Electronic medical record excavation, patient classification database

WDNA public chain

The WDNA public chain is based on the WDNA gene strand. The WDNA public chain will make more mature and innovative technical support to implement a variety of DAPPs in smart contract programming on the WDNA public chain (common applications we call APP, APP built on decentralized platform is called Make dapp). WDNA's product portfolio will also continue to drop, introducing real genetic data into smart contracts to realize the value of smart contracts, thereby realizing the commercialization of WDNA.

The real value of the blockchain now lies in its entire dapp ecosystem, which is abbreviated through smart contracts. As more DAPPs run on the WDNA public chain, it is believed that the ecosystem of the WDNA public chain will be able to complete the development soon, with more With technological breakthroughs and innovations, the commercial value of the public chain of WDNA will become more and more obvious. Blockchain is the revolutionary technology of the Internet in the future. It requires more innovations and more cognitions,WDNA, and more personal genetic data management. Simply, the future DAPP will also have a stable architecture on top of its public chain. It is believed that it will bring more momentum and source for the innovation of blockchain technology.

DAPP on the public chain of WDNA will cover the application of rich data sources of public chains from B-side to C-side, further enhancing the network effect of WDNA public-chain business and data, and building a strong competition barrier. The value of releasing data should enhance the overall efficiency of the society and make citizens' data truly available to citizens.

Operation Team

Paul Nideerer Chairman
Paul is an expert in equity crowdfunding and financial innovation who is dedicated to providing solutions based on crowdfunding and blockchain technology. Paul has extensive practical experience in the field of bioengineering and medical science. He has coached related types of companies in the United States and Australia for three times. Paul has assisted the United States, Australia, New Zealand.The government of Gabon conducts research on the supervision of Internet finance and is actively committed to risk education for global investors.
David hu Founder
David as China capital circle, a senior investment banker, corporate investment and financing and project management, focused on biological medicine, new and high science and technology, the cultural industry. Multiple block chain involved in investment projects, the implementation of multiple work of merger, acquisition and reorganization of listed companies. David successive Beverly Capital, chairman of the board of directors, the British Noble Sovereignty Capital Group executive director, and at the same time as anhui chamber of commerce, vice President, member of Chinese senior financial executive club.

Howard Shi CEO
as the CEO of WDNA, takes charge of WDNA’s global strategic development and operation. Capitalising on his professional background in the capital market and extensive business resources, he is responsible for establishing a powerful WDNA applicational system and co-operation network.  With over 18 years of professional financial industry experience in the international investment market under his belt, he is outstanding in strategic planning and market operation, highly skilled in market analysis and communication, and capable of establishing  market’s macro and micro trends, capturing the right investment opportunities and making correct investment decisions through thorough quantitive and qualitative analysis of the investment targets.
Roland Song CSO
Lawrence University of Science and Technology, USA, specializing in enterprise strategic planning management and financial investment field, has served in North America 21 world real estate rice AT & T management duties, returned to work at HSBC, ANZBank and Haiyin Financial Group, during the participation in the global range A well-known investment deal.
Devin Zuo CTO
To block the left river people chain reed {langya} founder of the academy, former peace block chain technology application and industry experts, science and technology association, shenzhen golden union distinguished chain technology lecturer, book the block chain development guide block is one of the authors of the China chain one of the first and the second batch of test evaluation experts, shenzhen science and technology association and the association of one thousand experts invited speakers block chain, kingdee group share guests invited block chain.

Victor Wang Chief ecosystem-partner officer
Graduated from the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications network engineering major, 10 years of ICT industry experience, resume including HUAWEI company, including sales management of overseas customers, partner development, as solution manager and overseas sales director, with rich B2B customers and eco cooperation partners development experience, has been responsible for global well-known. Telecom operators (Vodafone, PLDT, etc.) began investing in digital currency in 2017, and then focused on the application of block chain technology and industry.
George Guo BD Director - North America
George has a wide range of cooperation foundations in the area of block chain, equity investment and biotechnology. It is an experienced executive of securities investment and management of listed companies. It was a partner of Fountain VC, emitter capital and American subsidiary of ARI consulting company, in artificial intelligence, robot, FinTech, and consumer promotion. An agreement has been reached in the field and other fields, and has served as vice president of 51JOB (NASDAQ: Jobs).
Felix Guo CFO
Shandong university of finance, securities, funds, futures, insurance and other relevant financial professional qualifications, the former Beijing jiufu era, head of investment consulting co., LTD. Jinan branch, cinda securities, the securities investment, fund investment, equity investment and P2P, and other fields have a deeper research.

Randy Chang Managing Director of Asia-Pacific
Randy has a bachelor's degree from Korea University of foreign languages, and has lived in the United States, Canada and Taiwan, China. She also has experience in dispatching work in China and Germany. In South Korea, LG, HUMAX, STONEPINE and Dongcheng holding group as important positions, in the development of start-ups, international mergers and acquisitions, international market research, strategic planning, international relations cooperation, international trade and other fields of practical experience.

WDNA Planning


1、The drafting of the

white paper

2、An angel round to 



1、Private Exchange




1、Master network

 code completion

2、Public chain 

test edition

3、1.0 version of the

 main network


Alliance chain test 

(Official version of

 the public chain)


WDNA gene alliance chain

(Built-in digital currency

 test edition line)


Implementation of 

hybrid chain scheme

(Block chain cross chain 

function implementation)



developed Oracle

(Service test 

edition line)

Advisory Team


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