The WDNA public chain is based on the WDNA gene strand. The WDNA public chain will make more mature and innovative technical support to implement a variety of DAPPs in smart contract programming on the WDNA public chain (The common application is known as APP, the APP built on a decentralized platform is called DAPP). The combination of WDNA products will also continue to be implemented, and real genetic data will be imported into smart contracts to realize the value of them, thus realizing the commercialization of WDNA.

The real value of the blockchain now lies in its entire DAPP ecosystem, which is abbreviated through smart contracts. As more DAPPs run on the WDNA public chain, it is believed that the ecosystem of the WDNA public chain will be able to complete the development soon, with more technological breakthroughs and innovations, the commercial value of the public chain of WDNA will become more and more apparent. The blockchain is the revolutionary technology of the Internet in the future. It requires more innovations and more cognition. WDNA makes it easier to manage personal genetic data, and DAPP in the future will also be firmly built on its public chain, which is believed to bring more power and resources to the innovation of blockchain technology.

DAPP on the public chain of WDNA will cover the application of rich data sources of public chains from C side - B side- C side closed-loop ecosystem, further enhancing the network effect of WDNA public-chain business and data, and building a strong competition barrier. The value of releasing data should enhance the overall efficiency of the society and make citizens' data genuinely available to citizens.