Paul Nideerer
Paul is an expert in equity crowdfunding and financial innovation which is dedicated to providing solutions based on crowdfunding and blockchain technology. Paul has extensive practical experience in the field of bioengineering and medical science. He has coached related types of companies in the United States and Australia for three times. Paul has assisted the United States, Australia, New Zealand government of Gabon conducts research on the supervision of Internet finance and is actively committed to risk education for global investors.
David hu
David Hu, as a senior investment banker in Chinese capital field, he is not only engaged in corporate investment, finance and project management, also focused on biological medicine, High-tech, new science, and the cultural industry. He has experience on involve investment projects, implementing multiple mergers, acquiring and restructuring the work of listed companies. David served as Chairman of the Board of Beverly Capital, Executive Director of the British Aristocratic Sovereign Capital Group, and concurrently is Vice President of the Anhui Chamber of Commerce, member of the Chinese Senior Financial Executive Club.
Howard Shi
As the CEO of WDNA, Howard takes charge of the global strategic development and operation of WDNA. With his professional background in the capital markets and extensive business resources, he is responsible for establishing a powerful WDNA system and a collaborative network.  With over 18 years of professional financial industry experience in the international investment market under his belt, Howard is outstanding in strategic planning and market operation. Furthermore, he has excellent skills in market analysis and communication, which can establish macro and micro trends in the market. He also capable of capturing the right investment opportunities and making correct investment decisions by conducting a comprehensive quantitative and analysis of the investment targets.
Roland Song
Roland graduated from Lawrence University of technology in the United States, specializing in enterprise strategic planning management and financial investment field. He has served in North America CENTURY 21 real estate, the manager of AT&T, and then returned to work at HSBC, ANZ Bank, and Haiyin Financial Group, while participating in a well-known investment deal of global range.
Devin Zuo
Devin Zuo, CTO of WDNA World Gene Public Chain, a former Blockchain Technology Expert of Ping An Technology which is subsidiary of Ping An Group, Founder of Blockchain LangYa Academy, Blockchain Technology Lecturer of Financial Blockchain Shenzhen Consortium and Shenzhen Financial Technology Association, One of the authors of Blockchain Development Guide, One of the first blockchain test review experts in China, guest speaker of the 1000-member Experts Association, blockchain guest speaker of Kingdee Group, 15 years of IT industry experience, 12 years of experience in Java platform development, management and architecture design. He was a senior architect in several well-known companies. As a blockchain technology expert on behalf of Ping An Technology participating in ISO/TC 307 blockchain international standards review, and specializes in the underlying technology of Hyperledger Fabric. Currently he is researching public blockchain, cryptocurrency wallet and wallet security technology.
Gina, the senior investor of block chain project, entrepreneur, chaos university student. Cool head college chief block chain lecturer. Rich experience in self media and community operation. Original SmartMesh operation, Searchain VP&COO, proficient in English, Japanese, Spanish.
George Guo
George has a wide range of cooperation foundations in the area of blockchain, equity investment, and biotechnology. He is an experienced executive of a listed company in securities investment and management area. He is a partner of Fountain VC, emitter capital and the American subsidiary of ARI consulting company, which excels in artificial intelligence, robotics, Fin-Tech and consumer promotion. An agreement has been reached in this field and other fields. George has served as vice president of 51JOB (NASDAQ: Jobs).
Randy Chang
Randy Chang is the Managing Director of the Asia Pacific Region of the WDNA Foundation from Seoul, South Korea. Prior to joining WDNA, Randy was a senior business development manager at Dongsung Holdings, the M&A arm of Dongsung Group’s control tower. He led and managed investments in automotive, recycling, and advanced material sector. Randy began his career as a project manager at Humax for three years. The first generation venture company including a succession of business development and product planning roles across home media gateway with pay-TV solution provider. Additionally, he also has experience working as a commodity trader at LG international of LG group. He subsequently spent seven years as a founder and executive director for Stonepine & Co LLC Shanghai-based consulting firm, he consulted & advised in a various sector for many different kinds of companies. Randy earned his B.A. in British and American literature from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies