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The great impact of genetic testing on future personal li

Think back to 1943 when Thomas J. Watson, IBM chairman, proclaimed to the world that only five comput

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Genetic testing is beneficial to the health of the elderl

Cold dew, cool wind, courtyard locked deep autumn; climbing, chrysanthemum, cornel can be colored vas

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WDNA world gene public chain 10.8-10.14 double weekly

This week is another busy week. The WDNA world genetic public chain weekly is scheduled to arrive.

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WDNA signed a cooperation agreement with the Seoul econom

On October 8, Seoul Economic Station SENTV and World Gene Public Chain WDNA signed a cooperation agre

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WDNA community telegraph group upgrade announcement gene

The sky is high and cloudy, looking south flying geese, the whole country is festive; Chrysanthemum o

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WDNA biweekly: 2018.09.10 - 2018.09.21

WDNA founder David Hu and CEO Howard Shi visited the Korean market from September 10 to September 16.