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WDNA weekly: 2018.07.01 - 2018.07.08

This week, WDNA world gene public chain technology white paper released! Upgrading from two parts of

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The WDNA lock plan is heavy on the line

To thank users for their support for the world gene chain. WDNA will launch blockbuster program with

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[news] WDNA world gene public chain technology white pape

At 17:00 on July 4, 2018, the white paper on world genetic public chain technology, jointly completed

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WDNA weekly: 2018.06.25 - 2018.07.01

This week, WDNA glories were launched in Canada's BCEX & ALLCOIN open trade, with the first trading v

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The award-winning list of the Dragon Boat Festival is ann

The WDNA Dragon Boat Festival is officially ended in June 24th. The purpose of the event is to help y

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[heavy] WDNA started against the market, opening 7 hours

At 15:00 GMT on June 27, 2018, Beijing time, WDNA was first listed for trading at the Canadian BCEX &