Doctor of Engineering
Humboldt German scholar
Economic special envoy of the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda
Famous international blockchain economist
Executive director of the United Nations non-governmental international information development organization
Director General of the world blockchain organization
Chairman of the Caribbean Free Trade Area and chairman of the blockchain Committee
President of the Caribbean blockchain Research Institute
Doctoral supervisor, Institute of computer technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Director of the Institute of computing technology in Shanghai
Chairman of Shanghai Zhongke Yidong Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Ken Huang
Silicon Valley Dynamic Fintech Group management partner
ACM Practitioner Board member of the United States
CEO and founder of the distributed commercial App Co in the United States
Member of the China Electronic Society blockchain
Special researcher and lecturer of data blockchain and supervision technology laboratory and law chain Laboratory of Renmin University of China
CISSP (ISC certified information system security expert)
Former HUAWEI blockchain scientist
Gavin Xu
Chairman and chairman of the board of directors of China's silver volume group
Assistant director general of WBO world blockchain organization
Deputy Secretary General of China Mobile Federation blockchain alliance
WBF world blockchain general assembly initiating member
Global node Asian promoter
Executive director of the China Arts Festival Foundation
Quantum Fund chairman of the quantum Foundation
OBEF joint venture partner of oasis chain ecological fund
International trade payment and clearing platform CariNet, world gene public chain WDNA and digital asset community investment service platform SCC and other early investors.
International consultant on blockchain projects such as WNC and MioT
Sheng Zhao
Founder of WBF world blockchain Conference (NewYork) founder Blockmedia (Silicon Valley)
Founder of Silicon Valley
Work advisor of the people's Government of Shenyang
Member of the Advisory Committee on major administrative decisions of Jilin
Liankui Gao
A well-known Chinese economist; a research consultant for Oxford University; a commentator for CCTV and Phoenix TV guests.
Ong Khim Kiat

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Vice chairman of the Committee on international affairs

Foreign affairs director of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai

Linus Wu
Singapore DONALDSON & BURKINSHAW LLP business and business practice, barrister, partner
Feng Ming Bao
Master of clinical medicine, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
MBA and PhD, NYIT Polytechnic University, New York, USA
Shenzhen Ke Kang Stem Cell Technology Co., Ltd. and American Xinli immune cell Co., Ltd. are the heads of the company.
Vice chairman of China smart city health industry expert committee
Yan Guo
Member of the state medical key subject review committee
Ning Wing
Genomics experts are familiar with the frontier development of genetic research and industry. He graduated from the Shanghai Academy of life sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. After that, he was in charge of product research and marketing, and then engaged in genomics research in the Institute of nutrition science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The main research results were successfully published in the field of Nuclear Acid Research, Cell Reports and so on.
Olivia He
Genetics at the university of Adelaide, genetic engineering professional advisory board member Beijing north hetian energy technology co., LTD. Manager