Blockchain + genes, WDNA is building a world-class blueprint

In "The World Is No Thieves," Uncle Ge once said: What is the most valuable thing in the 21st century? Talent! Today, this sentence does not apply to the current environment. The most valuable should be data. The arrival of cloud computing and big data era is to maximize the value of data. However, when the centralized data was used for commercialization, the individual as a devotee of the data did not receive due rewards.

With the advent of the blockchain era, the value of personal data has been valued, and data feed providers have created good opportunities. Its distributed storage mechanism can provide security for personal privacy data, and smart contracts can provide the public with quick and convenient payment and transaction services. As the most personally-characterized gene, it is more unique than the data on sports, transactions, and consumption in people's daily lives, and its value should also be the most valued.

However, the huge cost of genetic interpretation has once become a mountain in which Wang Heng is in front of its commercialization. Now, technological progress has greatly lowered the threshold, from the initial tens of millions of dollars to 1,200 US dollars. Next will surely usher in a wave of entrepreneurship with a wave of blockchain + gene data. The World Gene Chain (WDNA) has occupied the commanding heights through the "world", the first high-level label.

The first name is very loud, but the next project operation is whether it can win the future rely on and guarantee. In this article, we will interpret from the perspectives of resources, scenarios, and perspectives, and provide some basis for the public.

WDNA can prop up its "world" name

Because of the borderless nature of blockchains, many projects are often named "global" when they are named. Now that WDNA has named its own blockchain project under the “world”, what is the basis behind it?

According to Roland Song, chairman of the WDNA Foundation, "The blockchain project is based on the social behavior of people. Therefore, it is confined to the artificial global category, and the genetic category is not only Including people, but also including animals, plants, bacteria, viruses and other organic organisms, so our project will be named after the 'world'."

Then, how does the planning and vision of its projects encompass the world?

It is understood that WDNA's future vision is divided into two stages of 1.0 and 2.0. In the 1.0 phase, people's genetic data was mainly used as the main body of their application in business architecture. Each person's genetic data, after being interpreted and stored, will provide users with various personalized services including precision medical care, food safety, sports health, disease prevention, etc.; in the 2.0 phase, genetic mapping will expand to include animals and plants. , Microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, etc. provide more basis for the development of population and health, agricultural high technology, ecological environment, food and chemical industries.

WDNA application scenario is realistic

At present, the mortality rate of blockchain projects reaches more than 90%. According to industry insiders' analysis, the main reason for the high death rate is that it is difficult to land its application scenarios. There are even commentary articles saying: "The blockchain projects that are difficult to land are all rogue." It can be seen from the importance of landing for blockchain projects. So what are the scenarios supported by WDNA? Are there any conditions for landing?

In an interview Roland Song described to the author several scenarios for their project:

1) Personal precision medical treatment. Nowadays, the high incidence of cancer, cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases has made the public aware of the importance of health. Now that young people are just 30 years old, they have begun to pay attention to health. If everyone can interpret and understand the changes in their genes, they can predict their physical changes in advance and take targeted actions to prevent the formation of unexpected events. The role of DNAC is reflected in the fact that it is possible to use the block-chain decentralization feature to distribute and safely record genetic data and its changes throughout the entire process to form a basis for accurate and reliable personal medical treatment.

2) Personal orientation training. Personal genetic maps provide individuals with a full range of interpretations including personality and areas of expertise. With this map, parents have a reference for the child's personality development, prospects planning, career choices.

3) Missing population survey. The uniqueness of DNA is the most authentic and reliable label of a person in the world. When someone disappears, it is recorded in the public security system. Because of the hospital's data interface, the WDNA database can be triggered whenever he or she chooses to seek medical treatment. The alert mechanism formed by the smart contract can quickly lock its location and complete the population search.

Not only that, when WDNA is upgraded to the 2.0 stage, it will also be used in pet treatment, name horses, dog tracking, food traceability and so on.

At present, it is generally accepted that Bitcoin is the 1.0 era of blockchain, and Ethereum has brought the blockchain into the 2.0 era. Now, with the maturity of DApp technology, the blockchain has already reached 3.0. The mission of the blockchain has also changed to build a DApp ecosystem through smart contracts.

The establishment of the WDNA public chain is based on the blockchain 3.0 technology, building a complete chain of side chains formed by WDNA public-chain, medical, R&D, and other institutions, as well as individual users as blocks. For the moment, many projects still remain at the conceptual stage. The technical team of the WDNA public chain has provided more mature and innovative technical support for the project to achieve various types of construction through smart contracts on the WDNA public chain. DAPP consensus mechanism. WDNA's product portfolio will also continue to drop, introducing real genetic data into smart contracts to realize the value of smart contracts, thus realizing the commercialization of WDNA.

However, is the condition of landing the project satisfied? Roland Song seemed more confident about this: “At present, there are two major bottlenecks in the operation of WDNA. One is the price. In the case of tens of millions of personal genes that can be read out, the project certainly cannot go on, but Now that it has fallen to the current level of 1,200 U.S. dollars, it may decline in the future. This creates the preconditions for the universality and popularization of genetic interpretation.

The second is the needs of society. The favorable factor in this regard is that, at the individual level, the market's just-needed, strong demand, and curiosity will gradually form on the premise of the current price drop of genetic testing, and will be amplified by individuals to the needs of the group. In addition, from the perspective of the value of personal genetic data, the public will also be happy to participate in the WDNA project. When hospitals, scientific research, laboratories and other institutions need genetic data of a certain group, individuals can use the authorization to realize the data. This is also an inevitable trend in the era of big data.

At the institutional and organizational levels such as health care, considerable personal, material, financial, and energy needs to be expended because of personal medical records or data storage, while WDNA based on blockchain technology can provide genetic data that truly represents personal identity. It is a lifetime record of data. It can accurately identify a person. They must be willing to accept it. Passing the genetic data of every individual and every creature is exactly what we are trying to do. ”

What are the advantages of supporting WDNA?

The booming blockchain has caused many entrepreneurial projects to influx. There is no shortage of competitors in the same track. This determines that the advantage is an important factor for how far a project can go and how high it can reach.

Roland Song believes that their project can be described in three ways:

First, strategic advantage. Currently, there are very few projects on blockchain+genes worldwide. In foreign countries, there is a listed company in the United States and MIT; in China, several people from Huada have this idea. Some people in Jiangsu are doing genetic testing projects. However, what is done is the storage of genetic testing data or the tracing of the source with the project. On the one hand, the business has a single nature, and on the other, it is affected by the region. The development of its business has limitations. The world's genetic chain is focused on the world and includes all organic organisms such as humans, animals, plants, bacteria and viruses. And the development of the public chain, rather than built on the ether chain, bits and other side chain. In the future, genetically-operated blockchain projects, medical institutions, scientific research institutions and individuals will form a closed-loop ecosystem.

In this ecosystem, individuals can use the key to authorize the provision of genetic data and realize their own values; institutions and projects will obtain personal genetic data from the public chain and automatically pay fees through smart contracts; while WDNA acts as a decentralized The genetic data "Alipay". With the popularity of genetic data and the importance of value, it will form a rigid market demand and promote the ecological operation. This is a benchmark for evaluating the quality of a blockchain project.

Second, the advantages of cooperative institutions. In order to facilitate the global layout of the 1.0 phase of the WDNA project, they chose the Christian Sabbath Hospital, which has 147 medical institutions worldwide. The first choice is Taiwan’s Tai’an Hospital, which has now reached a strategic partnership with the project. Next, there will be more hospitals under its system to join.

Australia's listed medical institutions and a Hong Kong listed drug discovery agency are signing cooperation agreements with WDNA. This will provide great support for this phase.

In addition, WDNA has also obtained strategic investment from global well-known funds, Omutite strategic investment of South Korea's Bithumb shareholders, and Hong Kong-listed pharmaceutical company (disclosed after announcement).

Third, team strengths. At present, WDNA has assembled international star teams from Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, and China, including renowned scientific research institutes and high-quality companies, biosciences, genetic medicine, blockchain technology, and financial globalization. The entire project provides the core guarantee.

"WDNA needs a long period of time to promote its maturity and perfection. However, for my own dream, I must stick to it and be prepared to stick to this project for 5-10 years until the market is just around the corner! Roland Song expressed his obsession to the author at the end.