WBO Director-General DR.Frank ZHENG Joins World Gene Chain WDNA


DR.Frank ZHENG is a postdoctoral fellow in management science at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, a Humboldt scholar in Germany, a well-known overseas investment expert, a researcher at the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, a doctoral supervisor, a part-time postdoctoral tutor in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and an adjunct professor at the Antai School of Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University. .

DR.Frank ZHENG is also an internationally renowned capital market expert. He has profound knowledge of corporate finance, real estate finance, private equity fund management, private equity financing, and reverse mergers and listings. He was a famous blue ocean angel capital partner. Managing Director of Peking University’s vertical and horizontal investment center, currently the Director-General of WBO.

It is reported that DR.Frank ZHENG will fully participate in WDNA World Genome expert consultants' work, and provide comprehensive guidance on blockchain technical support, project compliance, and project integration of various types of global resources; DR. Frank ZHENG Its huge achievements in the field of blockchain technology will help the WDNA world's genetic chain to conduct related research on the related blockchain and gene fields; and it has many years of academic research in computer science and many years of venture capital practice, on blockchain technology and The blockchain project has its own unique insight into landing. In the future, he will provide professional guidance for the WDNA world gene chain in various areas such as blockchain technology.

According to the official WBO website, WBO is a non-governmental organization registered with the UN Economic and Social Council and is committed to promoting the development and stability of the blockchain industry. WBO currently has more than 400 members and agencies and consists of 9 bureaus including the Licensing Authority, including the Press and Media Department, Law and Regulations Department, Licensing Authority, and the Department of Industry and Development. Legislation promotion, standard setting, evaluation and certification activities.

The WDNA World Genome Chain is a blockchain ecosystem platform developed for gene passports in the field of genetic applications. It can use blockchains to authenticate, manage, analyze, and develop individual genetic mapping data. At the same time, the world gene chain will also provide data and application development platforms for other genetic science technologies, and promote the integration of blockchain and gene science technologies. The World Gene Chain is committed to making the UFIDA U.S. genetic passports the safe and intelligent application of human and animal and plant genetic information around the world, transforming genes from a single storage to the analysis of application of gene big data and other comprehensive services. Personalized service ecosystem of genetic information.