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The WDNA World Genome Chain is a public blockchain protocol developed for gene passports that can use blockchains to authenticate, manage, analyze, and develop personal genome mapping data. With the continuous innovation and development of global life science and technology, WDNA's global gene chain is actively integrating blockchain with genetic sciences, and strives to create a brand-new digital economy - an individual personalized genetic passport economic system. By inputting and authenticating personal genome data on the WDNA basic platform, not only a genetic passport corresponding to itself can be generated, its genetic mapping data can be anonymized and permanently preserved, but also data synthesis can be performed by means of artificial intelligence on the gene strand. Analyze and mine medical information with mechanisms, and finally design an optimal and accurate medical solution for individuals. The world-wide gene chain, a world-class dream and social responsibility for excavation and sharing of genetic data values, has also attracted close attention from all walks of life in the world. It has also been featured by the British Herald, Wall Street Financial Collection, Global Internet Daily, Salt Lake City Weekly, and Digital. Nearly 200 well-known media such as Journal competed in the world for coverage.

The WDNA World Genome Foundation was originally registered in Singapore. In addition to receiving strong support in various fields, the Singapore Global Business Tour has also successfully led a series of in-depth cooperation with local institutions in Singapore:

Golden Wheel Group

Golden Wheel Group is a powerful and diversified multinational company with subsidiaries in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. The Group mainly deals with real estate development, shopping centers, international trade, textile industry and light industry. For the first time, the Golden Wheel Group has entered the biotechnology and healthcare industry, and has chosen to form a strategic partnership with the WDNA World Genomics Foundation, which is a landmark for the two parties to jointly develop in the future.

Roaming Capital

Roaming Cppital partner Frank Sui and WDNA team met in Singapore this time and the two parties reached a good cooperation intention. As a Singapore fund management company that has successfully invested in several well-known blockchain projects in the industry, its investment star cases include ArcBlock, which once bombed Huobi servers, and the first to provide blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payments for UK healthcare institutions. Services are the chainchain platform, Medicalchain, and Zipper, which provides blockchain services to financial institutions around the world.


SoarCoin founder Seth Lim and the WDNA team met at the Sands Hotel in Singapore. Out of recognition and support for the WDNA World Genome Project, Seth Lim agreed to serve as a member of the WDNA Advisory Group and became a member of the WDNA Foundation Singapore Board of Directors. SoarCoin is a generic digital asset of the Ethereum blockchain platform, with a total volume of 5 billion. It can exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies, or cash-in-law currency through a third-party trading platform.


CAP ONE is an independent financial services company implemented in Singapore and focuses on the investment needs of medium-sized companies in the ASEAN region. Kaiwan Finance provides comprehensive customized financial services in the core disciplines of corporate finance and asset management.

The CAP ONE regional president Ms. Xie Shuyun met with the WDNA World Gene Chain and reached a market cooperation in the ASEAN region. In the future, we will provide comprehensive services for investors in biotechnology and health care in areas such as the Singapore Center, and radiation in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

The WDNA Foundation will continue to work on the operation of WDNA and promote the promotion and popularization of the world's genetic chain, establish a WDNA community, promote effective technology development and popularization in the open source community, promote genetic education throughout the world, and support ecological participants in various countries and regions. The ground-breaking application subject was established. Through the decentralization, consensus mechanism, and reward system, a variety of genes were stored and researched and developed in the world. We hope that today's small step will create a giant leap forward in the world of genetics to benefit the entire world and promote the healthy, safe and sustainable development of the open-source ecological society.

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