WDNA World Gene Public Chain Global Circuit Festival South Korea Countdown

Following the WDNA World Genetic Public Link Global Tour Singapore, the first stop of the Asian Festival has also entered a countdown. On April 17th, WDNA will kick off its global tour festival at the Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.

WDNA World Genome Chain is the world's first public block platform based on blockchain technology. It uses the decentralized consensus method to authenticate, manage, analyze and apply personal genome mapping data. The gene passport created by WDNA provides data storage, value quantification, and equity returns for individuals and biological genes, aiming to become the world's largest economic center for genome shared data.

The WDNA Global Tournament Korea Station is jointly sponsored by the World Gene Public Chain Foundation and the World Blockchain Organization. Co-organizers include: South Korea Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Korean Culture and Entertainment Group, Korean e-wallet agency, Korea Medical Beauty Center, Hong Kong licensed investment management group, global cross-border business financial media group. And obtained the BIT-Z, BCEX, ALL COIN, SOAR LABS, LINK WALLET, BTB FINTECH INC, ROAMING CAPITAL, PAWNETICS GROUPFirst Financial | Fortune Global Outlook will record the entire event.

With the launch of the Global Circuit Tournament, the recruitment of community members will also begin in April 2018, and a reward mechanism will be developed for community members participating in WDNA.

Its community rewards program is:

1. Members who join the World Gene Chain Community will receive 50 pieces of WDNA free of charge;

2. Register members of "shared passports" and join the members of the World Genome Community, and get 100 WDNAs for free;

3. Members participating in the WDNA Global Circuit Tour will receive 200 pieces of WDNA free of charge;

4. Members of the WDNA Global Gene Community who recruit and purchase WDNA will receive 60% of the total amount of WDNA purchased;

5. If a global investor purchases more than 250,000 WDNAs at a time, he will receive a genetic test worth $1000, which will be provided by the WDNA gene. The cut-off time is the date of this announcement until May 31, 2018.

Official website:www.wdna.io

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Facebook: fb.me/wdna.io

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