WDNA World Genome Global Tour - Korea Station Successfully Held in Seoul

(Walker Hills Hotel WDNA World Tour Carousel Main Screen)

On the afternoon of April 17, local time in South Korea, WDNA World Genome Chain Global Touring Festival (Seoul Station) was held in Seoul, South Korea's Wak Kei House. On the eve of the ceremony, WDNA has won wide attention because of its outstanding global performance. Global investors and local Korean cooperative agencies attended the event.

The WDNA Global Tour celebrated the welcome speech of Roland Song, Chairman of the WDNA Foundation. He expressed surprise at the popularity of WDNA in the Korean market and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the guests who gave their support.

(Welcome Speech by Roland Song, Chairman of WDNA Foundation)

WDNA CEO Howord Shi introduced the WDNA World Genome Project to the guests. The WDNA World Gene Chain is a blockchain ecosystem platform developed for gene passports for the purpose of gene applications. It can use blockchain technology to authenticate, manage, analyze, and develop individual genetic mapping data. At the same time, the world gene chain will also provide data and application development platforms for other genetic science technologies, and promote the integration of blockchain and gene science technologies. The World Gene Chain is committed to the use of genetic passports to safely store and intelligently apply genetic information such as humans and plants and animals around the world, transforming genes from a single storage to comprehensive applications such as the analysis of genetic data, and building a return to the value of genetic data. Service ecosystem.

(WDNA CEO Howord Shi WDNA Project Introduction)

Later, Devin Zuo, the chief technology officer who formally joined WDNA, gave a brilliant speech on how blockchain can realize the value of genetic data. Devin Zuo was a member of Ping An Science and Technology Blockchain Technology Expert and Industry Application Expert of Ping An Group, a Specialized Blockchain Technology Lecturer of Shenzhen Golden Chain Alliance Technology Association and one of the authors of the development guide of the blockchain chain, and the first batch of China Blockchain. One of the second batch of test review experts, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Association and the 1000-member Experts Association invited guest speakers of the blockchain, and Kingdee Group invited guests to participate in the blockchain. 14 years of experience in IT industry, more than 10 years experience in Java platform development, management and architecture design. He was a senior architect in several well-known enterprises. As a blockchain expert, he participates in the ISO/TC 307 blockchain international standard review, and is good at blockchain and bitcoin underlying technologies such as bitcoin and superbooks. The current research direction is blockchain underlying technology and cryptographic technology on the blockchain. application.

(WDNA CTO Devin Zuo Blockchain Keynote)

This world tour is the first leg of the WDNA World Gene Chain Global Roadshow. It has attracted attention from many industries, blockchain enthusiasts, media and investors. The ceremony was also supported by the World Blockchain Organization (WBO). WBO sent WBO Korean Director Jack Zheng and Ms. Michelle Li, WBO Director-General of Canada, to the event and WBO South Korea's Director-General Jack Zheng made a statement about the World Blockchain. Organization and World Gene Chain related

(Mr. Jack Zheng, Director General of WBO Korea)

In the round-table discussion at the site, the founder of the WDNA World Gene Chain presented to the guests and the media the current global cooperation and application of WDNA, and the profound significance behind its commitment to the blockchain + gene business.

(WBO on behalf of Jack Zheng and Michelle li attends the Roundtable Forum)

At the meeting, Taiyi Silicon Valley Lab also sent North American Regional Director Ms. Jelena Strelnikova to attend the ceremony. Ms. Jelena Strelnikova also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with WDNA on behalf of the Taiyi Silicon Valley Laboratory. The Taiyi Silicon Valley Laboratory will serve as an expert consultant for WDNA blockchain technical services to assist WDNA in the implementation of blockchain and genetic engineering projects.

(Keynote Speech by Jelena Strelnikova, Head of Silicon Valley Laboratory)

In addition, Zheng Representative of Korea Community Management Center and Korea Electronics Wallet LINKWALLET also completed strategic cooperation signing ceremony with WDNA.

(WDNA and Taiyi Silicon Valley Laboratory Signing Ceremony)

(WDNA and South Korea Electronic Wallet LINKWALLET Signing Ceremony)

(WDNA Signing Ceremony with Korea Community Management Center)

The ceremony was successively held by Seth Lim, the founder of WDNA Advisory Group, who shared his experiences in the blockchain industry and Korean VOIDLINK representatives on Korean blockchain and e-wallet.

(WDNA Advisory Group Member Ascending Founder Seth Lim)

Finally, during the dinner time, Roland Song, Chairman of the WDNA Foundation, introduced the road show program to the guests and the guests carefully understood the WDNA subscription program and the subscription process.


South Korea's local media rushed to report
Blockchain + genes, WDNA is building a world-class blueprint
South Korea's local media rushed to report this festival

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