Solemnly declare

Recently, WDNA has performed well in the global market and received a great deal of attention. The World Gene Chain WDNA has discovered that some unscrupulous elements have launched a series of false reports and comments on WDNA after the WDNA World Circuit Tour and public private funds were launched. , under the guise of WDNA customer service for private equity fraud.

(Criminals scam in the name of WDNA)

WDNA hereby solemnly declares:

1. The WDNA Private Equity stage conducts private placements for specific regions and specific customers. It does not open private placements to citizens of the People's Republic of China. It is only open to specific groups and organizations in the Chinese region.

2. WDNA does not authorize any individuals or organizations in the People's Republic of China to conduct private placements. It is a fraud for any individual or organization to form WDNA community propaganda and receive tokens.

3. The construction of WDNA community has been completed. At present, no personnel of the non-WDNA project team has been authorized in the People's Republic of China to build related communities. WDNA official community directory is as follows:

1, official website: https://www.wdna.io

2. E-mail: service@wdna.io

3, Twitter: https://twitter.com/XcellWdna

4, Telegram: https://telegram.me/WdnaOfficial

5, Github: https://github.com/xcellwdna/

6, Facebook: fb.me/wdna.io

7, Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/wdna/

8, Medium: https://medium.com/@xcellwdna

9. Passport Sharing: World Gene Chain

10, WeChat public number: WDNA world gene chain

Special note: In addition to the above ten communities, WDNA has not formed any other community, and any increase will be announced through the official website.

4. The WDNA purchase process is informed by a WDNA member to a specific group. At present, there are only three ways: IMToken, bcex or shared passport. The address of the coin transfer wallet is only

IMToken: 0xC44E058edb4721F141AC46abFc0d69F7BBecCD6F

And BCEX Exchange:


Two, the other wallet address is a fake address, please do not switch money.

5. The current WDNA private equity open countries and regions are South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Dubai and Hong Kong. Other regions are only open to specific targets and institutions.

6. WDNA will operate in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations and relevant exchange regulations. We will pursue legal liability for false propaganda and fraud under the guise of WDNA.

Hereby declare!

Disclaimer: WDNA Foundation LTD

Time: April 29, 2018