WDNA World Gene Chain | Global business tour Dubai station

On May 6, local time of the United Arab Emirates, at the invitation of Beijing Taiyiyun Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 430070), David Hu, founder of the WDNA World Gene Chain, and CEO Howard Shi, participated in the opening ceremony of the Taiyiyun Dubai Branch and the China Block Chain Research Center Dubai Centre at Burj Al Arab Hotel.

It takes the opportunity to start the WDNA World Gene Chain Global Business Tour in Dubai.

During the conference, two WDNA representatives and industry colleagues, including WBO Director-General Professor Xiaojun Zheng, Founding Chairman of China M&A Association Wei Wang and Chairman of Taiyiyun Di Deng, etc., conducted extensive exchanges and discussions on the development of blockchain in the Middle East. A number of local institutional investors were also made to establish a good channel network for WDNA financing in the Dubai area, laying a firmer foundation for WDNA to list on the exchange next step successfully.

In the evening, WDNA CEOs also attended the Dubai Royal Pearl branding conference and the world premiere ceremony held by Royal Pearl and Lamborghini at the Westin Dubai. The service was packed with friends from all walks of life in Dubai and spent a night full of passion and hope with a delegation of more than 300 people from China. Huaxia Fund plans to apply blockchain technology to a variety of commercial scenarios in Dubai, especially in real estate investment, laying the foundation for blockchain technology to take root in Dubai.

David Hu and Howard Shi also took the opportunity to introduce the WDNA project to their blockchain colleagues in Dubai, arousing great interest from their peers and private investors and expressing their desire to further understand and participate in the investment.

The WDNA World Gene Chain attaches great importance to the development of Dubai's market. The foundation plans to establish a branch company in Dubai to share office resources with Taiyiyun Dubai Branch, to provide timely communication for the WDNA investor market, community management and maintenance, and landing of projects with a fully prepared.