Global business tour of the WDNA world gene public chain

Since the advent of the WDNA world gene public chain at the beginning of 2018, WDNA has made breakthroughs in the area chain technology and market application scenarios. At the beginning of the second quarter, with the business expansion of WDNA foundation team members in a number of cities around the world, the influence has gradually spread to the global market, and the mission of WDNA to reshape the future has been officially opened.

Seoul, South Korea

Time: April 17th
Location: Grand Walkerhill Hotel Seoul
Event: WDNA world gene public chain world tour grand ceremony: South Korea is standing in The Heights Hotel, Seoul. Global investors and many Korean local cooperation agencies attended the event. The popularity of WDNA in the South Korean market has been unprecedentedly high.

Time: April 18th

Location:Allen Medical Beauty Center, Gangnam

Events: WDNA and ALLEN Medical Beauty Center form a partnership. AMBC provides the world gene chain with a perfect genetic testing, data analysis, precision medical and anti-aging research and development of professional experience and powerful equipment in the world gene chain, and will provide a wide user market in Asia.

Time: April 19th

Location:YSpazio Loung, Gangnam

Events: the WDNA South Korea grand ceremony falls to the curtain, and the WDNA foundation invites more than 30 famous local entrepreneurs from South Korea to attend the celebration wine club, and communicate with the participants and carry out a number of cooperation.

Beijing, China

Time: April 24th
Location: Dongsheng Hui Club
Events: David Hu, founder of the WDNA world gene chain, was invited to attend the GBLP global block chain limited partner summit and made an important speech at the meeting, with more than 10 overseas hedge funds, more than 50 domestic block chain funds, more than 100 block chain limited partners and more than 40 block chains. The project side and more than 100 block chain media around the theme of "linking the world to build ecology", and talk about the win-win way of the investors, entrepreneurs and fund managers.


Time: April 25th
Location: Central Star Pullman Hotel
Event: WDNA world gene public chain founder David Hu was invited to attend the 2018CBCS global block chain consensus summit and the Establishment Ceremony of the Shanghai block chain alliance, with the chairman of Dundee, ant District chain alliance Zeng Hao, the chairman of the yuan boundary foundation, the first summer tiger, the gold arch gate (China) first table data agent Cai Dong, the Shanghai block chain production Industry Alliance Secretary General Zhu Yifan, PENTA Vatican network CEO David Ritter and many other industries, senior coffee exchange with the same field, and jointly promote the development of global block chain technology.

Time: April 25th
Location: WDNA Shanghai Office
Events: the technical team led by the WDNA world gene chain, CTO Zuo people, held a friendly meeting with Pan Ying, the executive director of the China digital block chain research institute in Shanghai. This team has a direct dialogue with the Application Research Institute of the Huaxia group block chain. Zuo chuanmin deeply expounded the technical design principles and overall planning goals of the WDNA world gene public chain, and got the agreement between the executive director Pan Ying and the relevant technical staff.

 Hong Kong

Time: April 25th
Place: Tongluowan letter and square
Events: David Hu, founder of WDNA, and Roland Song, global director of the WDNA foundation, met with the chairman Andy and director Cory of the Hongkong local full licence financial holding group, the chairman of the Redford Holdings board, and the directors and Cory, and exchanged views on the business cooperation of the WDNA and Redford in the Asia Pacific region. The two sides made further plans for a series of financial and medical cooperation in Hongkong and Southeast Asia.

Time: April 26th
Location: Four Seasons Hotels in Central China
Events: WDNA founder David Hu and Roland Song, global director of the WDNA foundation, met with members of the Hongkong atomic capital group board of directors at the Four Seasons Hotels in Central China. The atomic Capital Group will become an important partner of WDNA and provide all-around strategic support for the WDNA foundation.

 Melbourne, Australia

Time: April 26th
Location: Metropolis
Event: WDNA world gene public chain CEO, Howard Shi was invited to attend BLOCK ENGINE DEMO DAY activities organized by Blockchain Centre. At the meeting, Howard shares WDNA's technical and commercial planning with experts and project partners from the world's well-known block chain industry and has gained a lot of investment and cooperation intentions.

Time: April 27th
Head office of Asta Solutions

Event: WDNA world gene public chain CEO and Howard Shi visited Asta, the world's first Blockchain Technology Solution company. Howard has held friendly talks with Asta's MD & CEO, Bill Angelidis, and Asta will support WDNA development throughout the year in block chain technology and market applications.

Time: April 27th
Head office of Viapac

Events: the WDNA world gene public chain CEO, Howard Shi, and the PAWNETICS Genetics Test Centre, led by the Adelaide genetics research team in Australia, met a friendly meeting. The two sides reached a strategic application cooperation in the use of WDNA block chain technology system in pet gene detection.

 Bangkok, Thailand

Time: April 27th
Location:Siam Kempinski Hotel

Event: WDNA founder David Hu and WDNA Song global director Roland Song and Thailand Media Empire CEO, Supanut Don have a friendly meeting. WDNA will cooperate with the local government and medical institutions in Thailand through the support of authoritative media and cooperation agencies.

Entering the May, the world public chain of WDNA will usher in a new important cycle of global promotion. The WDNA foundation will hold multiple business tour activities in Dubai, Bangkok, Melbourne, Tokyo, Vancouver and other places, and plan to complete the Millennium event at the Singapore headquarters in the WDNA foundation before the formal exchange.

The WDNA world gene public chain will continue to work on the operation of WDNA and promote the promotion and popularization of the world gene chain, establish the WDNA community, promote the effective technology development and popularization of the open source community, promote the whole world's genetic education, support the ecological participants to set up the ground application subject in various countries and regions, through the go The heart, consensus and reward system establish the storage and R & D work of multiple genes in the world. We hope that a small step today will make a great leap in the whole world in the field of gene, benefit the whole world, and promote the healthy, safe and sustainable development of the open source ecological society.