Institutions eye WDNA - Round 2 Investment

After its successful Bangkok roadshow in Thailand, WDNA Wold Public Gene Chain once again moved into the centre of spotlight and gained traction in the investment community. Many blockchain institutional funds stay positive on the future prospect of WDNA and have completed their strategic investments, which pave the way for the acceleration of WDNA’s development at the global stage.

Institutions which lead this round of investment are as follows:

Oasis Blockchain Ecosystem Fund (OBEF)

OBEF is a part of World Blockchain Organisation (WBO), whose investment focus is on blockchain projects in sovereign countries, major infrastructure projects in the blockchain ecosystem and potential unicorn players. Thanks to WBC’s global reach, OBEF not only can gain access to the best blockchain projects for investments but also can own the whole vertical line from the project incubation to the back end support.

Hyper Fund

Hyper Fund was initially jointly founded by institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges and the influential leaders in the blockchain industry and became a union of managers. It provides funding and endorsement to quality projects in the industry and stable return to the investors. The fund mainly invests in the incubation of early stage projects and starts to become a mutual organisation for the digital and blockchain sectors. 

Hyper Fund aims to strengthen the communications and cooperation within the international digital economy, to explore in the areas of digital asset securities issuance, trading, equity and debt finance, research, compliance and supervision and to complete a blockchain ecosystem through the creation of a shared project pool.

SKYCC Capital

As the leading investment fund in the blockchain industry, SKYCC is highly attentive to the advanced research in the underlying layer of public chains, the escalated application of cross-chain asset transfer, the building of a global team and the actual field applications of various industries. It has invested in many well known public chains and is renowned for its investment ability in the strong incubation management and value enhancement.

News of the launch of WDNA immediately attracted widespread media attention in the cryptocurrency circle.





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