World gene public chain global tour roadmap Australia station countdown

The beginning of April 2018,The WDNA world gene chain has opened a worldwide business tour.,A short period of more than a month,WDNA is already inMany countries and regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Hongkong, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and other countries and regions have carried out many business activities such as brand publishing, project road show, dinner celebration and so on. In the process, a number of cooperation has been reached with various global partners, especially the well-known organizations in the field of genetic testing and precision medical treatment.

along withWDNA online trading on the Canadian stock exchange BCEX is approaching.The new wave of global business tour will set off the climax of WDNA's strong expansion in the global market.June 1st,WDNA Foundation Plan Melbourne GLOBAL BLOCKCHAIN CENTRE Holding "WDNA world gene public chain global roadshow - Australia station" activities.At the appointed time,Including the world Top10 Blockchain Technology Ranking first Asta Solutions、Australian local chamber of Commerce、Fin Tech Field elite、Famous medical service providers and prospective investors from all over Australia will be gathered together.To join in the event.WDNA Chairman、Global block chain pioneer Paul Niederer and WDNA luxury line-up operation team will be on the scene,For the guests and online supporters Bring value sharing of chain gene technology revolution in leading blocks.

WDNA world genetic public chain - value chain, reshaping the future

WDNA has created the first "gene passport" for global biological gene technology. The passport is based on the feature of block chain technology. It is a block chain authority platform for the application of genetic data in the field of genetic data applications. The information of world biological gene data is stored and used in a safe storage and intelligent application, so as to transform the genetic data from a single storage to the large data application analysis, and to construct the service ecosystem of the value regression of the gene data, and finally to reduce the cost of the detection and application of the national gene data.

Thank you for the support of the following institutions

WDNA world gene public chain global roadshow Australia station sponsored by WDNA Foundation.WBO world block chain organization,GLOBAL BLOCKCHAIN CENTRE、ASTA SOLUTIONS以及WORLD INVESTOR Joint co operation.The road show has been obtained TAIYI Tech、Bit-Z、BCEX、ALLCOIN、SOAR LABS、BITTOMATO、ROAMING CAPITAL、PAWNETICS GROUP、OASIS FUND、HYPERFUND、SKYCC CAPITAL Strong support from international and Australian Local Institutions.

Meanwhile,Including the first finance\Full world outlook,"Business circle" in Australia,Glory Media、MoneyChannel、Node Finance 、Chain world、interlinkThe authoritative media will track the roadshow activities all the way.

Community member recruitment

With the development of the global road tour,The recruitment of its members has also been opened in April 2018,And make a reward mechanism to the members of the community involved in WDNA.

Its community award scheme is

1.Membership in the community of the world gene chain,50 WDNA will be obtained free of charge;

2.Register the "shared passport" and join the members of the world gene chain community.100 WDNA will be obtained free of charge;

3.Members of the WDNA Global Road Tour,200 WDNA will be obtained free of charge;

4.Members of the WDNA global gene community recruited and purchased WDNA will receive 60% of the total WDNA purchase.

5.Global investors buy more than 250 thousand WDNA in one time,The value of the WDNA gene will be obtained. The $1000 official accredited testing agency will be tested once.Deadline for issuing this notice to June 18, 2018.

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WDNA world gene public chain

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