WDNA world gene chain global tour: Australia station successfully held in Melbourne

On the evening of June 1st, Melbourne, the third leg of the WDNA world public chain global tour was held on the south coast of Melbourne, Blockchain Centre.

Following South Korea and Thailand, WDNA's first appearance in Australia has attracted much attention from all sectors of society. On the eve of the meeting, Blockchain Centre, the world's leading block chain technology community and academic center, and the famous "business circle" all media Business Circle in Australia, have been trailers and tracking reports on WDNA and the activities to the outside world through their respective platforms. On the day of the road show, more than 80 precise people, such as technical experts and investors from Australian block chain communities, Australian genetic engineering listed companies, large medical groups, immigration agencies, and Melbourne University, gathered Blockchain Centre to explore the application of WDNA in the area chain technology in the field of gene.

As the world's leading market for gene technology and precision medicine, Australia has been highly valued by the WDNA core team. Paul Niederer, the global leader and global leader of the WDNA, has been on the scene with a high evaluation of the recent global performance and extensive application cooperation of WDNA. In addition, WDNA global CEO Howard Shi, the head of the foundation of the foundation Roland Song, the Asia Pacific Regional Director General Manager Randy Chang has brought a value sharing of the block chain gene technology revolution for the guests and the global online supporters. After the meeting, many guests expressed their recognition and willingness to participate in the WDNA gene data ecosystem. In Australia, we will fully support the development of WDNA cooperation with related agencies.

Before landing in BCEX in late June, WDNA will usher in two important roadshows in Singapore and Vancouver, Canada, as well as business visits in several cities in the country. With the combination of two frontier science and technology in the world - block chain and genetic engineering, the WDNA world gene public chain makes the value of gene data and the science of life management no longer a dream.

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