WDNA unveiled 2018 GBLS global sleepless block chain Leaders Summit

Beijing time June 6th, 2018 GBLS global sleepless block chain leader peak conference and China International block chain products and equipment exhibition in Hangzhou Yunqi Town International Exhibition Center Grand convened. The summit, jointly sponsored by the Hangzhou Municipal Economic and Information Committee and the people's Government of Xihu District in Hangzhou, is the highest summit of China's block chain industry so far. The industry grand meeting in Hangzhou, China, has more than a thousand block chain agencies and block chain media to provide professional communication opportunities, and let the world hear the sound of the block chain and witness the development of the block chain.

In the investment conference held by the world block chain organization (WBO), David Hu, the founder of the WDNA world gene public chain, took the lead to give a vivid speech on WDNA, the leading figure in the two leading technology of the world - block chain technology and genetic engineering.

David pointed out that with the continuous development of modern life science and technology, genetic engineering has become a revolution that can shake the foundation of human existence. How to effectively store large amounts of gene data and enable them to be fully and effectively analyzed and utilized is an important topic that we need to explore.

WDNA has created the first "gene passport" for global biological gene technology. Based on the feature of block chain technology, using the central consensus method, it is a block chain authority platform that serves the domain of genetic data through authentication, management and data analysis of the individual genome sequencing data. The information of world biological gene data is stored and applied in a safe storage and intelligent application, so as to transform the genetic data from a single storage to the large data application analysis, and to construct a service ecosphere of the value regression of the gene data, and finally to reduce the cost of monitoring and applying the national gene data.

The WDNA platform is based on the medical and health field. Through the five major technical schemes, such as authentication, distribution, intelligent contract, sharing economy and digital assets, it makes it full in data storage, paternity testing, disease diagnosis and prediction, pre pregnancy examination, judicial identification, fitness and beauty, food safety, precision medical treatment, precision insurance. It has been applied to many aspects such as missing person assistance investigation.

Since the WDNA world gene public chain, it has completed business tour in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Australia, and has cooperated with many well-known medical industry organizations around the world. It has been known as the "most commercial value of medical health". The appearance of the Hangzhou global sleepless block chain leaders summit has also been enthusiastically pursued by the masses of chain technology enthusiasts and industry related personnel. WDNA's public chain of the world gene is shining its value chain in the way of reshaping the future.

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