WBF consensus of the world chain chain: Singapore Summit

Singapore local time in June 8th, by the WBF world block chain conference, the three o'clock community hosted by the "consensus building of all things - WBF world block chain three o'clock Singapore summit" in Singapore Sands Hotel grand convened. From the global chain of field experts and hundreds of media gathered together to explore the development of block chain technology, mining the consensus of mankind.

At the two day meeting, WBF founder Zhao Sheng, three o'clock community sponsor Yuhong, Mars financial sponsor Wang Feng, and the founder of Shenzhen Institute of deep creation were distinguished respectively, sharing their own unique views and views for the current block chain industry.

Founder of the WBF world block chain conference, Zhao Sheng

The market value of the block chain is hundreds of trillion dollars

Zhao Sheng, the founder of the WBF world block chain conference, paid more attention to the research of the underlying block chain logic basis. He explained from three aspects: "the first one: the parallel and mirror image of the block, second: the rise and counterattack of the Wall Street, third: the next ten years of the block chain." The block chain is one hundred times the Internet. What I am more concerned about is the theoretical basis of the one hundred fold, the underlying logic of the underlying logic. Where is the technology of block chain? It should be viewed from the perspective of historical evolution. Like the first industrial revolution to the fourth industrial revolution technology development history. The development of block chain will also be a process of evolution. The three technologies that belong to the next century, the first is artificial intelligence, the second is block chain, and the third is gene editing.

Yu Hong, the founder of the three o'clock community

The community is the soul of the block chain

At three o'clock in the opening ceremony, Yu Hong, a community promoter, said: "the development of the block chain is mainly based on the community, and the community is the soul of the block chain. The influence of the 500 WeChat group is more than that of a micro-blog big coffee platform with 1W fans. From the beginning of the five hundred people, there are tens of thousands of forks now. This is the strength of the community. Yu Hong thinks, when looking at a project, we should look at the long-term, not the current, the value of the block chain is one hundred times the value of the current PC Internet, so we should do a good job of doing a good job, not by the current rise and fall.

Wang Feng, founder of Mars finance, founder of the blue port interactive

The block chain is the financial revolution

In the speech, Wang Feng, founder of the finance and economic cooperation, said: "the block chain is the financial revolution in the future. It has come in the financial revolution. The birth of bitcoin and the ether workshop, the establishment of digital gold, and the technology of intelligent contracts that revolve around the economic foundation of the pain syndrome have fully opened the new era of the block chain, which has been unstoppable. I hope everyone can participate in the unprecedented social change and practice. In the practice of the Internet and the iteration of the Internet, we can really think clearly and together with the block chain financial system combine, creating new and more powerful forces to benefit the society. "

Wang Feng also said that the intelligent contract technology built around the certification economy in the ether shop makes it easy to issue certificates. BTC and ETH have built the foundation of digital finance. The Internet has subverted all traditional businesses, and virtual networks have merged with real life. In a few years, the two seemingly parallel spaces of Internet and block chain will be linked at a certain point. We need to think about how to link the blocks and the real world instead of talking about the parallel world everyday.

The initiator of the chain war, the jewel of the dean of the Institute of deep creation

Block chain: consensus age
The keynote speech of "chain wars", the dean of Shenzhen Institute of innovation, delivered the block chain: consensus era. Gemstones believe that the chain of blocks will bring about a new era of consensus. Consensus mechanism is a combination of rules and algorithms, a free decision, and a balance of interests among members of the community. The consensus idea of seeking common ground while reserving differences has long penetrated into Chinese civilization. But at present, the consensus of block chain is not perfect. It is necessary for all chain members to build a consensus future.

The WDNA world gene public chain is the hottest value chain in the global market, and the founder's team David Hu, Howard Shi, Roland Song are invited to attend the Singapore summit and share the business civilization and innovative product model of WDNA, a new form of community system, to thousands of guests at the conference. .

wdna创始人David hu

WDNA founder David Hu, in a special interview with bit finance, pointed out that the choice of a block chain or a alliance chain is usually a choice for many entrepreneurs, and he thinks it is better to choose a specific project. The reason for WDNA to choose both the public chain and the alliance chain project is to make full use of the advantages of both, popularize genetic technology and application, so that more people all over the world will be involved in the WDNA project and contribute to human health. The vitality of the public chain, users can freely enter and participate in a higher degree. On the other hand, WDNA needs to combine and interact with the real application scenarios and institutions such as genetic testing institutions, hospitals, and so on, which usually involves strong supervision from the real world, and is bound to choose the alliance chain. The pure alliance chain lacks vitality, and the pure public chain is a castle in the air.

WDNA CEO&Co-Founder, Howard Shi

WDNA CEO&Co-Founder, Howard Shi gave a brilliant speech on the technological concept and commercial value of the core of the WDNA world gene public chain. WDNA has created the first "gene passport" for global biological gene technology. Based on the feature of block chain technology, using the central consensus method, it is a block chain authority platform that serves the domain of genetic data through authentication, management and data analysis of the individual genome sequencing data. The information of world biological gene data is stored and applied in a safe storage and intelligent application, so as to transform the genetic data from a single storage to the large data application analysis, and to construct a service ecosphere of the value regression of the gene data, and finally to reduce the cost of monitoring and applying the national gene data.
The WDNA platform is based on the medical and health field. Through the five major technical schemes, such as authentication, distribution, intelligent contract, sharing economy and digital assets, it makes it full in data storage, paternity testing, disease diagnosis and prediction, pre pregnancy examination, judicial identification, fitness and beauty, food safety, precision medical treatment, precision insurance. It has been applied to many aspects such as missing person assistance investigation.

WDNA Foundation Director, WDNA co-founder Roland Song

WDNA Foundation Director and WDNA co-founder Roland Song held friendly exchanges with people from various countries in the world during the conference. He said that the WDNA foundation is a non-profit foundation in Singapore, which aims to promote the wide spread of gene technology and genetic data storage and applications worldwide, to establish a genetic data community, to promote technology development in gene technology, to promote the whole world's genetic education and to support ecological participation. People in various countries and regions have set up landing application subjects, and have established the storage and research and development of various genes in the world by means of centralization, consensus mechanism and reward system. Its founding team is mainly composed of industry experts from Australia, the United States and China. Paul Niederer, the chairman of the WDNA foundation, is a pioneer in the world's well-known block chain. As a senior consultant, it has been guided by the block chain industry for a number of governments and also participated in a number of large medical mergers and acquisitions in the world. The remaining core personnel have many years of experience and outstanding achievements in the field of block chain technology, genetic technology and international finance.

WDNA is now fully supported by the United Nations level two non-governmental organization, WBO (World block chain), and has a strategic investment from the TAIYI Tech, the oasis block chain ecological fund OBEF, HYPER FUND, and SKYCC capital. WDNA's genetic data base has reached strategic cooperation with Chinese gene testing institutions, Hongkong pharmaceutical listed companies, South Korean beauty and medical institutions, North American biotechnology research laboratories, Australian pet gene testing institutions, Singapore academic institutions, and Southeast Asian comprehensive hospitals to become the largest base in the world. The group shared the data economy center.

The WDNA foundation has completed the global road tour of Seoul, Thailand, Bangkok and ShangHai Railway Station in April, and plans to complete the tour of Melbourne station, Singapore station and Toronto station in Canada before the exchange in June. In addition, business development in Malaysia, Dubai and Hongkong has also been completed, laying a solid foundation for the development of WDNA global market. WDNA's public chain of the world gene is shining its value chain in the way of reshaping the future.

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