WDNA won an authority adviser again

In recent years, Singapore based WDNA world gene public chain foundation has attracted frequent attention in the world. The WDNA foundation aims to promote the integration of block chain technology and the value of genetic data on a global scale. The team has held multiple global events in Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the UAE, Australia, and China, with genetic testing and precision medical services in various countries around the world. Multifaceted cooperation has been carried out.

In addition to the Governing Council's strong governance in four aspects of block chain technology research and development, application scene development, market operation promotion and global public relations expansion, the Strategic Advisory Committee, composed of global multi block chain technology, gene technology, health care and investment experts, has also played a role in the rapid development of the WDNA foundation. A vital role.

A few days ago, the WDNA foundation added another three heavyweight advisers:

Golden Coptis / Ken Huang

Dynamic Fintech Group management partner of Silicon Valley, ACM Practitioner Board in the United States, American distributed commercial App Co CEO and founder, China Electronics Society block chain expert committee, Renmin University of China big data block chain and regulatory science and technology laboratory and the law chain Laboratory of special researchers and lecturers, the United States CISSP (ISC registered information system security expert).
Mr. Huang, a former HUAWEI block chain scientist, has been in office with more than 18 CGI companies in the United States, once served as CGI security technology director, CGI cloud security director and chief security architect. CGI Federation identity management and network security capability center has been created. When working in CGI, the federal government, financial institutions, and public utilities were used to provide expert advice on financial, artificial intelligence, block chain, and security.
Speech experience: HUAWEI, California Berkeley, Stanford University, world bank, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Pacific Insurance, New York consensus conference, NetEase economist annual meeting summer forum, universal block chain global summit, South Korea TokenSky block chain summit, Chicago international block chain summit, Silicon Valley world numbers The monetary forum, the Silicon Valley Sino-American block chain summit, the Silicon Valley NEO Devcon, the Shanghai global financial science and technology and block chain China Summit, the Macao world block chain conference, the Shenzhen Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Da Wan District block chain future technology summit invited guests and other international block chain summit, training and speech.

Xu Gang / Gavin Xu

The founder and director of the China quantitative silver group, the assistant director general of the WBO world block chain organization, the Deputy Secretary General of the China Mobile Federation block chain alliance, the member of the WBF world block chain conference, the initiator of the global node in Asia, the executive director of the China Art Festival Foundation and the Quantum Fund The chairman of the quantum fund, the OBEF oasis chain ecological fund link executive partner, the international trade payment and settlement platform CariNet, the world gene public chain WDNA and the digital asset community investment platform SCC, such as the early investors, WNC and MioT, and other block chain project international advisers.
Chinese Communist Party member, master of accounting (MPACC) of Tianjin University of Finance Economics, doctor of finance, Beijing Normal University, doctor of business administration, Blacker National University. China productivity society expert committee, China University of Political Science and Law System Law Research Center Research Institute, economic expert consultant, Nanjing University entrepreneurship tutor, Zheng He Jiangsu institution executive secretary general, Changzhou production city integration Economic Research Council director.
"2014 China's top ten masterminds gold medalists", "2015 to promote the development of China's Internet financial innovation outstanding figures", "2015 Chinese financial wealth management ten influential figures", "2015 Chinese economic ten nominees", entered the "2016 Chinese economic leaders". The executive chairman of the Organizing Committee of the new generation of leaders in 2017.

Zhao Sheng 

WBF world block chain Conference (NewYork) founder, Blockmedia (Silicon Valley) founder, founder of Silicon Valley Chuang Ke capital. Traveling over 100 countries, with a broad global perspective, has a forward-looking thinking and insight into the beauty of science and technology and the future trend of science and technology. In China, the "knowledge knowledge cognition" paradigm iterative model and the concept of "human-machine integration" have been launched in the future. At present, he is stationed in Silicon Valley to manage two cross border high-tech US dollar funds. Investment focuses on block chain technology, AI technology and biotechnology. He is currently a working consultant of the Shenyang Municipal People's government and a member of the major administrative decision advisory committee of Jilin.

The three most influential experts in the area of block chain technology and industry development joined WDNA as a member of the advisory team, meaning that the WDNA world gene public chain will gain the most authoritative and in-depth support on the road leading the world's two leading scientific and technological revolutions.

At the same time, the WDNA foundation has formally hired the Singapore lawyer Wu Xiuhong /Linus Wu to become the foundation's legal adviser, giving the WDNA world gene public chain a full escort for law and compliance.

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