Good news |WDNA the world gene public chain was re invested by China quantity silver group and Silicon Valley investment capital strategy investment.

After the successful hosting of the WDNA global road show singapore station
WDNA was awarded the strategic investment of the two major institutions of China quantity silver group and Silicon Valley invests capital.

As an enterprise under Vance Will group of Australia, the headquarter is located in the Hongkong Special Administrative Region of the Asian financial center. It is an international comprehensive alloying service group, such as industrial investment, equity investment, fund management, listing service, global asset allocation, film and television media, education and training. China Volume silver group has won the honorary title of China's innovative financial integrity unit, the most competitive brand of Chinese Internet financial service innovation, the AAA credit unit of enterprise credit evaluation, the top 10 Asset Management Co in China, and the best financial service structure in Asia.

Silicon Valley's venture capital is founded in the Silicon Valley in the United States, the Silicon Valley and Israel's two high tech investment dollar funds, which focus on information technology and biotechnology. The fund operates two major projects, "investment Silicon Valley Israel" technology trading platform and "Silicon Valley high tech project pool", to help China capital and the United States and Israel high-tech projects fast docking. Chuang Ke capital of Silicon Valley has established the WBF New York world block chain conference, which is located in Davos, a block chain. It promotes the whole ecology of building blocks chain.

The strategic investment of the China Volume silver group and the venture capital of Silicon Valley is the wide application of the WDNA world gene chain, which will further promote the development of the WDNA global market.

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