WDNA world gene public chain is officially launched in Allcoin for IEO

Recently, the global digital asset trading platform ALLCOIN issued an official announcement on the official website.

The world genetic public chain (WDNA) is about to open tokens.

Allcoin (www.allcoin.ca) is a global digital currency trading platform under Cascadia Fintech Corp., headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. It has the leading technical strength of the industry, is committed to the development of the digital money industry, and provides a safe and free trading platform for the majority of digital money lovers.

Allcoin global Bulletin:

Respected users:

Allcoin is about to open the world genetic public chain (WDNA) token sale in the ETH trading area.

Official selling time: Beijing time June 23, 2018 15:00-2018 June 25th at 15:00 (UTC+8)
Total sales of 10000000 WDNA
Sales ratio is: 1 ETH=10000 WDNA

Mode of participation: Please click on the website WDNA publicity map or enter the WDNA/ETH transaction to participate in the sale.

To give back to the majority of users to support the public chain of the world gene, Allcoin decided to join the world's public chain team to give additional benefits to users selling WDNA, as follows:
During sale, users who participate in WDNA token selling on the Allcoin platform will receive an additional WDNA of 30% of the quota. For example, if you buy 10000 WDNA, you can get 10000*30%=3000 WDNA.
Note: the WDNA bonus will be sent to the winning user account within 7 working days after the end of the token sale.

Matters needing attention:
1. if the sales quota is sold out ahead of schedule, it will be closed ahead of schedule; if the sale is not sold out, the sale will not be postponed.
The total amount of 2. WDNA is limited and the sale is stopped.

Allcoin is about to open the free trading of WDNA in the ETH trading area. The details are as follows:
Currency and currency opening time: Beijing time 16:00 on June 25, 2018 (UTC+8)
Opening hours: Beijing time 15:00 on June 27, 2018 (UTC+8)

WDNA has created the first "gene passport" for global biological gene technology. The passport is based on the feature of block chain technology. It is a block chain authority platform for the application of genetic data in the field of genetic data applications. The information of world biological gene data is stored and used in a safe storage and intelligent application, so as to transform the genetic data from a single storage to the large data application analysis, and to construct the service ecosystem of the value regression of the gene data, and finally to reduce the cost of the detection and application of the national gene data. For more information, please visit its official website: http://www.wdna.io

Participation in risk:

1. countries and regional users in the United States, China, Singapore, and other regional users, in view of the possible changes in the global regulatory environment, please consult their own lawyers before participating in the transaction in order to strictly abide by their own laws. Allcoin reserves the right to terminate service to any user who may violate the relevant laws of the host country.

2. the occurrence that any issuer delays or refuses to transfer tokens to Allcoin will lead to Allcoin delay or inability to send currency to the user. If the issuer refuses to send currency or Allcoin can't obtain the token, Allcoin will return the original way to the transaction token you participate in, and Allcoin is not responsible for your preterm interests and indirect losses.

3. before the sale of the tokens, Allcoin has the right to revoke some or all of the tokens in accordance with the operating conditions of this platform or the supervision of the country, and Allcoin will not take any responsibility for you.

4.Allcoin only provides a free digital currency trading platform, does not do any audit or guarantee for its distribution value, nor does it bear liability. If you can't accept it, do not trade.

5. as a result of the possibility of participating in such projects and not limited to the risk of not limited to the project, please be careful to participate in the individual's risk bearing capacity after a detailed understanding of the project content and understanding of the risks mentioned above.

Allcoin team

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WDNA world gene public chain
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