WDNA weekly: 2018.06.25 - 2018.07.01

technical progress
WDNA multi signature security wallet design and technical verification completed;
The POG consensus algorithm is designed for the completion of the DRAFT version.
The writing of WDNA technology white paper is completed.
The feasibility verification of the hybrid chain architecture is completed.
Start the transformation and compilation of the bottom code of the WDNA public chain. At present, 10% of the code is written and the corresponding unit tests are completed.
Completion of encryption and decryption calculation method library selection;
The research on the technology of centralization storage scheme is completed 50%.

Market activity
1. Beijing time 15:00 on June 27, 2018, WDNA first Canadian BCEX & ALLCOIN open trading. Prior to the announcement of the exchange announcement, the exchange market received great attention from the global market. After a slight adjustment after the opening day, the price immediately rose and stabilized in the IEO and private sector rounds. As of Beijing time in June 28th 02:00, the latest price of WDNA reported 0.00013429ETH (about 0.06 US dollars), two market volume has broken 20 million, the price rise is the first, in the market weak market, the market against the first success!

2. Beijing time in June 25, 2018, WDNA founder Hu Changyi /David Hu was invited by the founder of China's block chain audio sharing learning platform "listen to FM", and went to Koh Samui barbarian hall to participate in the district chain travel project, with Chinese angel investors Xue barbarian, assistant general WBO, and Xu Gang. It also discusses the development of block chain industry.

3. Beijing time in June 26, 2018, WDNA CEO Howard Shi, the global block chain community operating service provider "bit tomato", before the first launch of WDNA on the market for the official live. Due to the concern of the project in the market, more than 1 million live broadcast online.

4. June 29, 2018 Beijing time, Roland Song, director of the WDNA foundation, visited Di Feng financial group at the Wanchai Guangda center in Hongkong. The two sides discussed and exchanged views on the development of encrypted currency, and established the intention to cooperate with the investment fund of WDNA and Blockchain.

5. Beijing time in June 30, 2018, the WDNA world gene public chain creation team was invited by the WBO world block chain organization to attend the first world block chain Summit Forum in the Hongkong Asia International Expo. WDNA founder David Hu published the theme "value public chain reshaping the future" at the conference, which was the first public voice in the international market after the formal online and open transaction of WDNA, transmitting the subversive revolution of WDNA in the area chain and gene technology to more investors and wider communities around the world.

Community dynamics
The WDNA Dragon Boat Festival is officially ended in June 24th. The purpose of the event is to help you understand the vision of the WDNA project, how the block chain technology is combined with genetic engineering, and the status of the project. In order to thank everyone for their participation, especially to the WDNA supporters who have studied carefully, the foundation, according to the plan, selected 14 winners according to the reading paper and published the list of awards to the community. The next issue will be held in the near future. Please pay attention to the transfer of public numbers.

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