The WDNA lock plan is heavy on the line

To thank users for their support for the world gene chain.
WDNA will launch blockbuster program with BCEX in the near future.

Application for lock time
Beijing time: July 9, 2018 15:00-2018 July 12th, 15:00
Lock time: 6 months reward ratio 20%WDNA
Lock time: 1 year award ratio 40%WDNA
Note: the number of users with a position of more than 200 thousand WDNA will directly enter the WDNA global community super node recruitment plan, and enjoy the 40% bonus and an additional 10% bonus after the expiration of the lock.

Matters needing attention:
After locking the warehouse, the starting date of the lock is at 15:00 on July 12th. The closing date of the lock is January 12, 2019 15:00 and July 12, 2019 respectively. The number of applications for locking is not less than 10, only supporting integer locking, and not top.

At the same time, the WDNA global community super node recruitment scheme will be launched.
By the end of July 12, 2018, users with a position of more than 20W WDNA will directly enter the WDNA global community super node recruitment program (for details to see the public number: wdnamp)

Reward and distribution:
After the lock up period expires, the WDNA and the reward for the lock will be released to the BCEX account of the lock store at the latest 7 working days through the BCEX official.

Risk hints:
Please carefully read the lock scheme and choose the number of locking positions voluntarily. The application will be effective immediately after the application is successful. It can not be released in advance, and it must be automatically released when it is due.
The final interpretation of this event is WDNA.

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