WDNA weekly: 2018.07.01 - 2018.07.08

technical progress
1、WDNA technology white paper 1 version is completed and released to the world.

2、WDNA CTO, Devin Zuo in a live, yelling, roar and other broadcast platforms for the technical white paper for professional interpretation, and more than 100 thousand block chain technology enthusiasts clicking on the lookout

3、 WDNA technology team and Beijing Tai Yi cloud technology in-depth communication on the details of product cooperation between gene passport and public chain development;
4、WDNA has begun to take shape in the fields of simulation, feeding, talent prediction, marriage and social interaction.

Market activity
1、The WDNA foundation announced that, with the support of the Singapore government, the joint Singapore Chamber of Commerce has launched an incubator platform to work with Asian and global chaining investors and health related industries to build a hatchery circle based on the genetic block chain.
2、The WDNA core team and the WDNA Senior Strategic Advisory Group, the founder of the WBF world block chain general assembly Zhao Sheng, the assistant director general of WBO / the board of directors of the silver volume group, and Chen Qixin, the honorary vice president of the WBO summit, met in Shanghai, China, to deploy and regulate the development strategy and details under the world gene public chain. Delimit.
3、WDNA has reached a preliminary consensus with Jiangsu's leading professional frontier institutions focusing on gene sequencing industry research and testing services. WDNA CEO, Howard Shi communicate well with Mr. Shi Qi, President of Su Bo medicine.

4、WDNA and the Singapore CCOT exchange have reached friendly cooperation. Through mutual investment, the two sides will share resources in many markets and fields to achieve the strategic goal of common development.

5、WDNA has completed in-depth exchanges and communication with Zhen Chuang capital, Xiao Falun capital and other institutions, and will actively seek more strategic investment and cooperation of capital organizations in the future.

Community dynamics
1、WDNA has launched a technical white paper and professional interpretation for bilingual communities in both Chinese and English. The number of online users is more than 100 thousand, and the community has a strong response to the innovative application scenario in the white paper. In particular, there is a lively discussion about gene social networking, the imagination of simulated breeding, and the development of brain games.
2、WDNA will launch the "urban partnership" plan on a global scale to promote the development of WDNA community in an all-round way. The details of the plan will be released to the global market after consideration by the foundation.

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