WDNA weekly: 2018.07.23 - 2018.07.29

technical progress
The UI design of the gene applet is basically completed, and the animation dubbing is being adjusted.
The product design of gene chain Dapp has been officially launched, and all the design ideas will be completed.
And WDNA chief technology expert to improve intelligent contract security maintenance;
Market activity
The 2018 WDNA Academic Symposium on global governance and development was held in the culvert peninsula of Tianmu Lake. Many industry big cafes and Senior Strategic advisers gathered together to hold a closed door meeting to offer suggestions for the later development of WDNA.

WDNA has reached a consensus on the future strategic collaboration with the Singapore digital asset exchange (CCOT), and completes the mutual investment signing ceremony under the testimony of both the WBO world block chain organization and the WBF world block chain Congress.

The director of the WDNA foundation was invited to the world's leading biometrics public chain BDAG conference, and was interviewed by Li Ce, the first financial high-end interview producer, on the "value of the block chain and the subversive business model produced" at the meeting. WDNA and BDAG have reached a strategic consensus on biometric authentication system, DNA detection and medical data sharing in the future.

"Poly potential is ready to win a win-win situation", the WDNA world gene public chain and Yuan Yuan Science and technology jointly established the "big data &AI Joint Laboratory" announced completion. The technology of Yuan moment is devoted to the development and promotion of VR/AR technology, the ecosphere of the independent world of view and the integration of all kinds of information into daily life, work, study, leisure and entertainment with VR/AR technology as the carrier, and make full use of the advantages of artificial intelligence, large data, and the Internet of things and so on. And practical, to create a human intelligent way of life. Yuan Ju technology's huge doctoral research and technology team will accelerate the application of gene chain in big data and artificial intelligence.

Community dynamics
The WDNA community has carried out a three live broadcast with the mutual chain network this week. The coin circle celebrities have analyzed the current market market, investment strategy, and the analysis of the internal and external value and growth potential of some popular projects. During the live broadcast, all the friends who participated were airdropped WDNA according to the bcex id provided. Next Monday, WDNA officials will invite WDNA CTO Zuo people to the development history of the block chain, how to judge the merits of a project, the future direction of the block chain and other topics with the chief ecological officer of WDNA, Mr. Wang Kai.
Hangzhou community, Xi'an community and Ji'nan community have been proclaimed under the WDNA line.

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