WDNA weekly: 2018.07.30 - 2018.08.05

Market activity

Determining the intention of cooperation with the listed Singaporean companies

In July 30th, MARY CHIA, a representative of Singapore, visited the WDNA Shanghai operation center, and the two sides agreed to cooperate on the future cooperation in the establishment of the regional chain technology research room in Singapore and the provision of genetic testing services. MARY CHIA has been in Singapore for 33 years and became Singapore's first listed beauty group in 2009. During the year, the two sides will jointly complete the joint promotion in Singapore and Taiwan market.

In August 2nd, WDNA Asia Pacific director general manager Randy Chang was invited to attend the HUOBI CARNIVAL event in Seoul, South Korea, to communicate with people in South Korea and BLOCKNODE COMMUNICATIONS and the block chain industry. At the meeting, Won Hee-ryong, the governor of South Korea's Jeju Island Province, made a speech, pointing out that the block chain or the last opportunity for South Korea, Jeju Island was the target of an encrypted digital hub city. WDNA is maturing ecologically in South Korea, and Randy says WDNA will soon be deployed on the Korea Digital Asset Exchange to inject a boost to the market.

Wei's medical Ngoi Healthcare becomes WDNA's ecological partner

On August 3, Edwin Ngoi, founder and CEO of Weiss Medical, met with Roland Song, chairman of the WDNA Foundation, at WDNA Shanghai Operations Center. Wei's medicine, led by famous Singaporean surgeons and dentists, aims to introduce Singapore's advanced medical technology into China and import the most advanced medical services abroad. Wei's medical service has set up a medical International Center in Suzhou with the local health department and medical institutions, and the Nordic old-age ecological garden office has landed in Suzhou. In the future, Weishi medical Ngoi Healthcare will work together with WDNA to build genetic data and medical management ecology.

WDNA world gene public chain will soon glory on SMYCOIN Pacific block chain asset exchange

In August 4th, WDNA CEO Howard Shi reached a strategic cooperation with the Pacific block chain asset exchange and completed the signing ceremony. WDNA will honor the Pacific block chain asset exchange on August 8, 2018 09:18. The trading platform is registered in Samoa, an island country in the southern Pacific Ocean, and is known for its safety, speed and service. The WDNA is about to land on the Pacific exchange. It also opens the curtain for the WDNA project's business development in the South Pacific island market.

WDNA stem cell gene (Beijing) Institute plans to complete

In August 4th, the WDNA founder of David Hu and WDNA foundation, Roland Song, met with Bao Fengming, President of the proto peptide stem cell Medical Institute, Duan Yitong, the president of the original peptide group, Duan Yitong and the president of the Ke Kang regenerative medical center, to discuss cooperation on genetic screening and precision treatment. The three parties will jointly build the Beijing WDNA base. Because of the stem cell research institute.

WDNA CEO is invited to participate in the BC Grand Cafe at ShangHai Railway Station

CEO HOWARD SHI of WDNA, held in Shanghai in August 4th, said to the scene and live audience the specific steps and commercial interests of the WDNA commercial landing, allowing the market to understand that WDNA has started a real landing journey, not a project that stays in the white paper concept.

technical progress

AR technology and AI technology are used to study how to use App in the genetic chain of marriage and social interaction.
Detection is mining plan arrangement, WDNA customer management system requirement analysis;
The development of gene applet is basically completed and is expected to be released next week.
In the process of product technology team building, senior UI designers will join the team.
WDNA block chain & gene R & D community started;

Community dynamics

The basic plan of detecting and mining ecological landing will be speeded up in the early stage of the project.
Shandong community and Hong Kong medical care reached a preliminary consensus on the joint development of WDNA ecosystem.
The cooperation policy for WDNA's ecological partners has been preliminarily completed.
WDNA the establishment of the Hangzhou community, and the WDNA distributed self-government community is moving forward further.

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