BCEX invited many senior people in the industry to gather in Shanghai under the first "BC Grand Cafe" line to bring the latest analysis and unique insight into the block chain industry.

In the afternoon of August 4, 2018, the outdoor sun is bright and bright. It is located in the rice field rites and auditorium on No. 168 Jiujiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai. The hall is bright in the hall. The block chain activity of "Grand Cafe", sponsored by BCEX, is held here. The activity is discussed on the theme of "how it will change the future" from "the block chain revolution."

BCEX invited many senior personages in the industry to gather in Shanghai under the first "BC Grand Cafe" line to bring the latest analysis and insight into the block chain industry in Shanghai.
Wu Wenjie, founder of BHP power chain, made a speech on "BHPC deep digging and calculating power finance".
DPRating artillery rating founder Wang Da gun made a speech on the practice, thinking and future evolution of block chain investment rating.
Wang Xiaomin, general manager of DECENT China, made a speech on how to block the chain in the field of content distribution.
All the speeches were rich in content and continued applause.

WDNA's CEO Howard Shi was also invited to attend the meeting. At the meeting, he parsed the concrete steps and commercial interests of the WDNA commercial landing to the audience and the live audience, making it clear that the WDNA team had been implemented from the theoretical concept of the white paper to concrete practice.
Howard Shi began his speech with a news report of gene detection, indicating that gene detection is becoming more and more concerned. Then he discussed the broad prospects of gene detection in precision medical treatment, disease prevention, food safety, family genealogy, missing population enquiries, eugenics, and so on; then the emphasis was on the WDNA. In the concrete practice, the team combined the block chain technology with the gene detection, and adopted the practical activities of the WDNA team, such as recreational small program, community ecological construction, mining reward, gene public chain, large database, and cross industry cooperation.

This meeting is a successful conclusion, and it is believed that the WDNA team will take the advantage of the hot iron and make full use of the market value of the block chain gene technology in the team, and truly change the future world for the benefit of the public.

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