WDNA and the United States Silicon Valley LinkVC development of the Royal horse racing game officially launched today.

Out of the horn! Out of the horn!

WDNA and the United States Silicon Valley LinkVC development of the Royal horse racing game officially launched today.

The Royal Horse Racing, created by WDNA and the LinkVC Block Chain Game Development Team in Silicon Valley, USA, is a block chain entertainment game that restores the world's top horse racing scenes with unique and real 3D horse racing scenes. It was officially launched on November 13, 2018.
Lottery time: 09:00 to 6:00 in the morning, online members receive 30 gold coins every day. There are many activities.
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Https://www.dafuai.com/a/fPLQRb, if the game encounters other problems such as recharge and cash, Please add customer service Wechat jcj0000000, invitation code 1010227.

Do you want to play? If you want to play, I will teach you:
First, click the download link to install the Royal racing software. Ensure that the mobile phone has enough memory space before installation. Click to enter app, the interface as shown in the figure below, click the registration button in the lower right corner, fill in the registration account, set the password, the recommender writes the invitation code 1010227, after entering the verification code, click the registration button immediately.

After registration, the login interface will automatically jump, and the login interface is as follows:

Click on the login button before entering the registered account and password to enter the app interface.

Sign in every day to collect 30 gold coins. If the gold coin is used up, press the plus button on the upper left corner to recharge it. The following figure.

Click on the digital currency recharge can use WDNA to recharge gold coins for horse racing.
Click on the footnote, you can bet the number of the first horse in the ranking, you can also play big (No. 1-5), small (No. 6-10), you can also play single and double numbers. The button below can adjust the amount, then press the bottom right corner button to take the horse racing game.

If you don't understand, you can ask WeChat to ask jcj0000000.

In the history of lottery, you can find the rule of winning regularly.
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