WDNA and Subo Medical Cloud reach strategic cooperation

On Thanksgiving Day, WDNA wishes you a happy holiday and thanks for your support in the past year.

On the occasion of this festival, WDNA also ushered in a happy news Kiku Biology and Nanjing Subo Medical Cloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. after in-depth communication and friendly exchanges, has signed an alliance as a strategic partner and established a strategic cooperative relationship. By virtue of its technical advantages, team experts and customer resources, Subo Medical Cloud will provide gene detection and data analysis services for WDNA. After detection, the data will enter the WDNA world gene common chain. The two sides have jointly developed for a long time in the hope of opening up market business, developing industry concepts and benefiting the public.

Nanjing Subo Medical Cloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. It has license of medical institution. It is a professional frontier organization focusing on the research and testing services of gene sequencing industry. Relying on the strong scientific research strength, patented technology and expert talents at home and abroad, and taking genetic pathology testing technology as the leading technology, the company has introduced the world's advanced medical detection system to lock in the development and application of new technologies in the field of molecular diagnosis.

At present, the main business of Nanjing Subo Medical Cloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. includes: whole genome detection, establishment of children's gene bank, detection of children's innate genes, detection of children's health genes, detection of common cancer genes, detection of major chronic diseases genes, detection of weight loss and Cosmetology genes, detection of individual characteristic genes, and whole genome. Detection and so on. Nanjing Subo Medical Cloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in line with the principle of "customer first, honesty first", warmly provides the most warm service for the vast number of customers.

Gene detection plays an important role in disease prevention, precise medical treatment, cancer screening, genetic disease prevention and control, food safety, eugenics and fertility, etc. Gene testing can not only save medical costs, but also help people reduce the risk of disease, but also benefit their own health and the health of future generations. It really benefits the country and the people.

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, WDNA wishes to protect your health by genetic testing. We believe that the cooperation with Subo Yiyun will be successful. Thank you again for your attention. I wish you all good health and thank you for traveling all the way!

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